Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

Your mission, should you accept it, is to think and act like an entrepreneur, start your business and incorporate your company within the next 100 days.


As an aspiring entrepreneur you want to be independent, reach financial freedom and create a better world.  Yet, on the way there you have many questions and wish you could get answers and have some strong support. Unleash The Entrepreneur Within offers you exactly that. It is a powerful 100-day online group coaching and development program based on four key elements – Company Development, Personal Development, Community, and Accountability.

1. Company Development

You will be guided through all the necessary steps to build a successful company. At the end of the 100 days you will have formed and registered your own company. This is the first step on your voyage to your dream of freedom and independence and success as an entrepreneur.

2. Personal Development

A company can only become as big as you are as a person. The goal is not to make the problems smaller, but to grow you as a person so the same problems become easier for you to manage. You will work on entrepreneurial mindset, time and stress management to be more balanced and fulfilled. This will lead to more energy in your new life as an entrepreneur.

3. Community

It is lonely at the top and it can be lonely at the beginning as well. The people around you in your old life will probably not understand your development and the issues you are thinking about and working on. As part of Unleash The Entrepreneur Within you will be joined by like-minded people, who have similar hopes, challenges, questions and fears. No one will be left behind and the community will support, push, encourage and celebrate each other.

4. Accountability

The seven days of the week do not contain “one day”. This is only another way of saying never. In Unleash The Entrepreneur Within you will be held accountable and receive some strict and benevolent tough love when needed. You will reach new levels of productivity and goal getting. When you commit to actions and next milestones in front of your peers of the Unleash The Entrepreneur Within community and your coach you will make sure you will get it done.

Your mentor and coach Franz-Philippe Przybyl aka FPP – The Entrepreneur Creator will guide you through a 100-day development program. The focus is on practical implementation and a fair share of tough love to make sure you achieve your goals. At the end of the program you will found your company, know everything about entrepreneurship and have a step-by-step plan for the coming months. Your benefits include:


  • You have a clear understanding of your business model
  • Your product is well defined
  • You have a sales & marketing plan
  • You have a fully-written business plan
  • Your are financing-ready
  • You meet like-minded people
  • You know more about yourself
  • You grow as a person and are able to do things you could not do before
  • You have a great time
  • You have founded your company
  • You have a step-by-step plan what to do in the coming months
  • All necessary formalities (tax authorities, commercial license, etc.) will be done


  • You have an idea for a business
  • You have started working on your idea but not founded yet
  • You are in the process of founding
  • You think about setting up your business but don’t know how
  • You want to get going, but you have no idea yet
  • You are young or old or somewhere in between
  • You have started a side business and want to go full time
  • You are a freelancer and want to go the next step
  • You are on your own or a team of co-founders




Unleash The Entrepreneur Within is a development program that covers all relevant topics you need to form your own company and start your own successful business. Everything is focused on practical implementation and moving you closer towards your goal of your own company. This program does not just give you content. We are interested in your development into a successful entrepreneur and a successful business owner.

We provide you with eight different levels of support

1. Video, audio and text based lessons to adress your different learning modalities.

2. Detailed checklists to help you to structure your work, thoughts and progress

3. Weekly 2-hour coaching zoom calls

4. Additional mentoring sessions with experts on different topics and Q&As.

5. Monitored accountability sheets 

6. Email support for questions when you work on developing your company

7. Structured assignments and feedback on them to implement the things you have learned

8. Peer feedback and support in our community group

This intensive multi-layered support system propels you forward on your way to your future as a successful entrepreneur.

You have access to videos, audio files and written descriptions and checklist. There will be a weekly two-hour Q&A session, where you can ask all your questions and which will be available in the library afterwards. One participant will get coached live on every call. In addition to this we will host regular host interviews with experts around all areas of founding and running your business.

Unleash The Entrepreneur Within is a 100-day development program. We will cover many different topics and subjects. Here is an overview of the content that we will cover during the course.  The exact content and delivery can be adapted according to the needs and wishes of the group.

1. Entrepreneurship
  • Definition of an entrepreneur
  • What types of entrepreneurs exist?
  • The different stages of company growth
2. You as an entrepreneur
  • What are your strenghts?
  • What are your values influencing your business?
  • What are your limiting beliefs?
  • Balancing body-mind-mood
  • Emotional self control
  • Stress management
3. Business Idea
  • Draft your business idea
  • Validation of the idea
  • Features vs. benefits
4. Product / Service
  • Which product or service will you offer?
  • Positioning for success
  • Roll-out and development plan
5. Sales / Marketing / PR
  • Everything is sales
  • What is the difference between sales & marketing & PR
  • Develop a marketing/sales/PR plan
6. Team
  • Co-founder vs. outsourcing vs. employing
  • How to find / select the right team members
7. Financing
  • Preparing your financial plan
  • Determine your financing needs
  • Available financing sources
  • Pros & cons of the different sources
  • How to best approach the different financing sources
8. Accounting / Controlling / Tax
  • Basics of accounting
  • What is controlling really?
  • The right KPIs (Key Perfomance Indicators)
  • Types of taxes to consider
  • Major tax pitfalls and how to avoid them
9. Legal / Formalities
  • What types of companies exist?
  • What are all the steps I need to go through?
  • Form your company


You will be coached by Franz-Philippe “FPP” Przybyl 

My name is Franz Phillipe Przybyl. I also call myself simply FPP – The Entrepreneur Creator (when you try to pronounce my name, I’m sure you’ll understand why I go for FPP). I’m an entrepreneur, investor, mentor,  speaker, author, husband and father.

I was born in the United States, though I have lived and worked not only in the US, but also in Germany, the UK, Hong Kong and Gabon. My career began when I was 12 years old – with a computer, printer and my own tiny letter shop. From that moment, I was hooked on entrepreneurship.

I’ve since founded many companies in Germany, the US and Luxemburg. They grew from 0 to up to 150 people with offices in different countries. The companies generated up to 8-digit (>10 million) Dollars of revenue.

At some point I got so used to it that forming a new company became a total standard for me. People started asking me how I did this and if I could teach them as well. This was the start of FPP – The Entrepreneur Creator.

I have the vision to inspire & strengthen entrepreneurs and creators to found, grow and run 100,000 companies generating a combined turnover of 100 billion Dollars a year & providing jobs for 1 million people while being fulfilled in all areas of lives themselves.


Don’t just take it from us, this is what others are saying about FPP’s work!

“PowerStart is full of useful advice, based on solid research, to create greater levels of energy, success and fulfillment in your life.”

Jack Canfield

Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

“This is not just for entrepreneurs. With FPP I found a solution to change my life professionally and also personally.”

Cristian Zamora


“Franz-Philippe Przybyl knows exactly what he is talking about. A clear recommendation for all those who are either just starting their own company or want to develop the existing one further.”

Hermann Scherer

Top Speaker and Entrepreneur

“I came across FPP’s system and he is moving me past goal setting into goal getting.”

Sascha Grumbach



Imagine the day, when you are the proud owner of your own company.
Imagine the day, when you are able to secure the funding for your company because you are so well prepared.
Imagine the day, when you reach your goal of independence and financial freedom.
Imagine the day, when you launch your product or service that will change the world.
Imagine the day, when you have overcome all the obstacles in your way.
Imagine the day, when you look back to the beginning that enabled all of this. When you decide to 
join Unleash The Entrepreneur Within.

This comprehensive 100-day online coaching and development program has a mission.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to think and act like an entrepreneur, start your business
and incorporate your company within the next 100 days.

Don’t wait any longer to make your dream a reality. There are exactly two times to start a company – Now or Never.

The key to success is action. Make a decision and start moving.

You can do it on your own. The hard way. Many obstacles, many questions, many setbacks, a lot of money and time lost on wrong decisions and trial and error.

Or, you can Unleash the Entrepreneur Within together with me and other entrepreneurs who made the right decision. Take the systematic and simpler approach. Start your company faster, cheaper, and better.

There is only one catch. I will only accept 10 people into my next batch of Unleash The Entrepreneur Within which is starting in December. Secure your place now, to make sure you will also be part of that great journey and experience towards a successful entrepreneur.

I am convinced that I will deliver incredible value to you and that you will launch your company successfully as a result of Unleash The Entrepreneur Within. I therefore personally guarantee that I will pay back the full tuition (yes, that is 100% of your investment) if you are not satisfied after you completed the entire development program.

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