The way you start your day has a huge impact on the overall development of your day. The
reason for that is that every day, you’ll be creating a chain of actions and thoughts, that are
based on the very beginning of the chain. So good starts of the day, tend to get even better,
because the chain is based on a good action or thought. But if your day has a bad start, your
day is going to keep on getting worse. And In order to reach your full potential, you need to,
at the beginning of the day, take care of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
components of your system.

Some people argue about when to get up, as early as possible in the morning. For me, it’s
more about the how not the when, that’s more important. I want to share with you six
elements that should be part of your perfect morning routine for more energy and focus
during your day.


When you start your day, you’re already dehydrated. Overnight, you sweat, you breathe,
and normally the first thing in the morning you do, is going to the bathroom. So, you lose
even more water. One of the simplest and easiest things to do to be more energized during
the day is drink in the morning. Have a glass of water next to your bed, in the same
temperature that of the room, so you can drink it before you even get up. That way you’ll
fuel your system and get your body fluids moving again.

Body Activation:
When you wake up in the morning, you have the impression, that you’re somewhat there,
but your body is still in bed. That’s because at night, there are two things happening: One,
your muscles are shortening. Two, your lymphatic system has come to a slowdown. In order
to improve those two points, what you need to do is stretch. That’s why in the morning you
go ahead and do the stretching up and down, which should be the first thing you do in the
morning. But you should also be doing that a few times during the day. Shortened muscles
signal to the body “I’m tired” or “I’m sleepy”, and when you stretch your muscles, it signals
to the body, “Oh, I’m waking up.”
The second part to improving the first two points, is some basic movements. For examples,
doing a few squats, some push-ups, or something easy to get you moving.


On of the best practices for a good day is meditation. Some may think, “but I’m not a monk,
and I can’t sit there for an hour and do meditation.” But meditation is actually not that hard.
There are many easy steps to get into that state, and one of them is conscious breathing;
just focusing on your breath. And theirs is a technique that I like to call the 1-2 breathe. For
every count that you breathe in, you breathe out twice as long. So, if it takes you 2 seconds
to breathe in, breathe out for 4 seconds. Which is easy, but what you should do over time, is
doing it a bit longer, for example 15 counts in and 30 counts out. And for that you really
need to concentrate and just be focused on your breath, and that leads to meditative


If you start your day with a good mood, your whole day becomes a good day. But how can
you control that good mood? It’s just random, sometimes you wake up in a good mood,
sometimes in a bad mood. For that I’ve developed a good technique to really get into that
good and positive swing in the morning by plan. What I do is use my success and energy
library. I put together songs, pictures, and videos where I have a positive connection to
create good emotions for me. That way I have a playlist to play randomly, which contains
20-30 songs that create really good emotions, and sets me up to get in an energetic and
happy mood. So, I invite to sit down and think about what are the things that put you in
such a positive emotional state? Share it in the comments below.

State Management:

How you hold yourself, is how you feel. If you are sloppy and have your back bent a bit, with
your shoulders pulling you down, I can guarantee you, you’ll be having a hard time to get
motivated during the day. If you stand up straight, shoulders back, and chest out, then it’ll
be much easier. But you can even do more than that. You can strike what’s called “power
poses” or “power moves”, as I personally call them. Imagine playing a certain kind of sport,
and you score a goal or score some points for your team, and you make the move of
bringing both your fists inwards and saying “YES!” What that move actually does is cheer
you up and give you a push that leads to having more energy. So why not use that in the
morning? Why don’t you make a few “power moves” in order to cheer yourself up, get
yourself pumped up and ready to master your day?

Priming and Focus:

What you focus on expands, so you want to focus on something that’s good for you, that
brings you closer to your goals and puts you into a good mood. In order to do that, you
actually need to know what you’re doing, you have got to have a plan, it’s as simple as that.
Write down what you want to do during the day and then put the first three to five most
important things that need to be done on top of the list. Since they’re the most important,
finishing them would bring you the most relief.

If you’d like to know more about the backgrounds of a prefect morning routine, ways and
possibilities on how to tailor it exactly to your needs, and get even more information
surrounding evening routines, and tricks and techniques to restarting yourself during the
day, then you can have a look at my book, “Power Start: How to kick off your and energize
your life.”